just smash it already, grandma, help??????


  1. greatcalamity answered: 2 is definitely more than 1. In Equation 1, you cannot take the absolute value and get a negative number, so that one has no solution!
  2. bronyhentai answered: Equation 2 has more. You can’t get a negative number from absolute value. But Equation 2 has 2 and -40/7.
  3. guitarandmtndew answered: same amount, i think, idk i’m kinda stupid
  4. raviolihd answered: 1 has more than 2 because 2 is already positive
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    they have the same amount. with absolute answers there is always two answers.
  6. clocktownmikey answered: They both have 2. Absolute values always have two answers for them.
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    Equation 1 is -7 and equation 2 is 2 and that’s all I understood
  8. plop-plunk said: I’m pretty sure it’s 1 and 2 have the same, but not certain!
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