just smash it already, grandma


u can tell a lot about a person by their background on their phones

adtr is so good

New song called I like u but the homies dont so bye lol sike na hmu on da sneak


Hey guys, if you’ve been following me or John drakensberg for a while you’ll probably recognise my cat Lil John.

Lil John had a bit of a fall today, a 50 ft drop onto a concrete pavement, and has left me with a massive vet bill of £190, or $325 US Dollars. Which could go up to over £500 ($850) depending on what treatment she needs and how bad her injuries are, and the vet want this payment immediately.

Due to my anxiety i only work part time and earn £210 a month, and i just don’t have enough at the moment to pay the bill. 

If you have a single pound or dollar to spare we’d be so grateful, and if you leave your paypal email address with your donation i will even pay you back when I have the money. Even if you can’t donate and just reblog this post or share our Gofundme page I’d appreciate it so much.

Donate and read a little more about Lil John here

Thank you, 

Sioned + Lil John




my dad got into an argument with one of my friends on facebook and when i told him to back off because i was tired of my friends shitty opinions popping up in my notifications he said “ive been trolling since before he was born” i cant handle my dad

do i look good 

do i look good